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Spring 2015 Fundaising Goal: $5,000

Help us meet our fundraising goal this Spring. Please consider donating to CPF.

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Donate to the Upcoming CPF Auction!

The 2016 Frank Wein/CPF Auction will take place at the 2016 APA CA Conference in Pasadena, CA.

Making a donation is easy!  Please download the auction form and fill out relevant information about your auction item.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we can coordinate delivery of  your item to Southern California as soon as possible – we need your help collecting everything early so it can be properly accounted for and the auction team can make sure it is glowingly advertised in advance of the conference and the auction night.

If you have questions please contact:

In addition to donating planning related items like old maps and books, crowd-pleasers include: bottles of wine, tickets to interesting events, bed and breakfast accommodations/weekend get-aways, gift certificates to restaurants and book stores. Art is always popular. Artists and photographers, strut your stuff and help CPF by donating your art.

Sponsors and Donators will be recognized at the Conference site and in follow-up articles and publications regarding the CPF Auction.

2015 Scholarship Winners


Friends and Sponsors of CPF
CPF has a long tradition of honoring "Friends" who generously donate to support student scholarships. This year we are expanding our program to include Friends, Advocates, Supporters, Backers, and Sponsors. We encourage you to learn more about the ways you can make a difference through
donating to CPF.

2015 Sponsors

Sustaining ($5,000+)

  • Northern California APA CA Section
  • Los Angeles APA CA Section

Platinum ($2,000+)

  • California Planning Roundtable
  • Orange APA CA Section
  • Mintier Harnish (2015 Auction)
  • Kittelson & Associates (2015 Auction)
  • Golden Associates (2015 Auction)
  • Wildlands (2015 Auction)
  • Rincon Consultants (2015 Awards Lunch)
  • Bay Area Economics (2015 Awards Lunch)
  • Caltrans (2015 Awards Lunch)
  • M-Group (2015 Awards Lunch)

Gold ($1,000  - $1,999)

  • Carol Barrett
  • Sacramento Valley APA CA Section

Silver ($500 - $999)

  • Paul Wack
  • George Osner
  • San Diego APA CA Section

Bronze (<$500)

  • Inland Empire APA CA Section
  • Central Coast APA CA Section
  • Jacobson & Wack

2015 Donors

Friend of CPF ($300+)

  • Besty McCullough
  • Collette Morse
  • Roberta Dwoskin
  • Juan Borrelli
  • Ted Holzem

Financial Aid Associate ($200 - $299)

  • Lynette Dias
  • Douglas Duncan
  • Joseph Horwedel

Student Advocate ($100 - $199)

  • Matt Chang
  • David Ward

Scholarship Supporter (<$100)

  • Amy Sinsheimer

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