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Spring 2014 Fundaising Goal: $5,000

Help us meet our fundraising goal this Spring. Please consider donating to CPF.

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Bike to Plan, Plan to Bike

Palm Springs, Oct. 25, 9-12 p.m.

APA California, Inland Empire Section, along with CPR and CVAG as holding a "Bike to Plan, Plan to Bike" event on Oct. 25, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to raise funds for CPF. Check out this great event. For more information, contact Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP, at mavurbanplanning@gmail.com.


Last May, APA California, San Diego Section and CPF co-sponsored a sold out "Hike to Plan, Plan to Hike" event along the San Dieguito River Park Trail. This event raised $850 for CPF scholarships! Please read this great summary of the event with lots of photos.

The California Planning Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit, charitable corporation established to further the professional practice of planning in California. CPF achieves this goal through its primary activity of scholarships and awards to university students in financial need, who have demonstrated academic excellence at eligible planning programs in California. A secondary, but vitally important CPF activity is the sponsorship of workshops, publications and other continuing educational and professional development programs. CPF promotes the objectives of equal opportunity and social equity in all programs supported by contributions to CPF and fund-raising activities.


Friends and Sponsors of CPF
CPF has a long tradition of honoring "Friends" who generously donate to support student scholarships. This year we are expanding our program to include "Friends" and "Sponsors." We encourage you to learn more about the ways you can make a difference through
donating to CPF.

2014 Sponsors of CPF

  • RRM Design Group (Silver Level Sponsor)
  • Carol Barrett, FAICP (Silver Level Sponsor)
  • Elisabeth Curry (Bronze Level Sponsor)
  • George Osner AICP Urban Planning (Bronze Level Sponsor)

2014 Friends of CPF

  • Juan F. Borrelli, AICP
  • Douglas Duncan
  • Roberta Dwoskin
  • Wendy Grant
  • Marc Yeber

2014 Other Sponsors

  • Metropolitan Planning Group

2013 Sponsors of CPF

  • Carol Barrett, FAICP (Silver Level Sponsor)
  • George Osner AICP Urban Planning (Bronze Level Sponsor)
  • Woodie Tescher

2013 Friends of CPF

  • Roberta Dwoskin
  • Betsy McCullough, AICP
  • Jacobson & Wack
  • Collette L. Morse, AICP
  • Mintier Harnish LLP
  • Linda F. Tatum, AICP
  • Hing Wong, AICP
  • David Salazar, AICP
  • Juan F. Borrelli, AICP
  • Alex Hinds
  • Kurt Christiansen, AICP
  • Steve F. Preston, FAICP
  • Janna Minsk, AICP & Carl Morehouse, AICP

2013 Other Sponsors

  • Douglas Duncan, AICP
  • Elisa Paster
  • Janet Ruggiero, FAICP
  • Peter Noonan, AICP
  • Dana Privitt, AICP
  • Aaron Pfannenstiel, AICP

2012 Friends of CPF

  • Abbott & Kindermann, LLP
  • Atkins Global, NA
  • Carol Barrett, FAICP
  • Juan Borrelli, AICP
  • John Bridges, FAICP
  • Kim Christiansen, AICP
  • Kurt Christiansen, AICP
  • Cardo ENTRIX
  • Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP
  • Paul Farmer, FAICP
  • Stanley R. Hoffman Associates
  • Jacobson & Wack
  • Jeff Lambert, AICP
  • Anne McIntosh, AICP
  • Janna Minsk, AICP & Carl Morehouse, AICP
  • Mintier Harnish, LLP
  • Collette Morse, AICP
  • George Osner, AICP
  • Steven A. Preston, FAICP
  • RBF Consulting
  • Linda F. Tatum, AICP
  • Woodie Tescher
  • Hing Wong, AICP
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