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What is the California Planning Foundation

The California Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA California) established the California Planning Foundation (CPF) in 1970 as a nonprofit, charitable corporation with the goal of furthering the professional practice of planning in California.The primary focus is providing scholarships and awards to university students in financial need. The scholarship recipients come from many backgrounds and are selected because they are talented and motivated and have demonstrated academic excellence at university planning programs in California.

A secondary, but vitally important function is fostering professional development through the sponsorship of workshops, publications, research studies and other continuing educational and professional programs. CPF promotes the objectives of equal opportunity and social equity in all programs supported by contributions and fund-raising activities.




All members of APA California are automatically members of the California Planning Foundation (CPF). Although APA California members pay annual dues to belong to APA California and the national organization, the American Planning Association, there are no separate dues to belong to CPF.


CPF is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors. The members of the APA California elect eight of the members to four-year terms. The APA California Vice President for Professional Development and the Student Representative on the APA California Board are also members of the CPF Board. The CPF Board elects the officers of the Foundation. The President of CPF also serves as a member of APA California’s Board of Directors. The CPF Board establishes the annual budget of the Foundation, develops annual professional development programs, and selects the recipients of the Foundation’s annual statewide scholarships. Download a copy of the most recent By-Laws (September 20, 2013).

The CPF budget typically allocates less that 10 percent of its expenses to administrative costs. The CPF Board seeks to increase the Foundation’s endowment so that scholarships are awarded only from interest income, donations, workshops and fundraisers. The principal in the Foundation’s accounts is not used to meet expenses.

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